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Escort girls in Netherlands - is a ultimate escort guide, featuring hottest escorts in Netherlands. Markup Renders as 'HyperText Markup Language' HyperText Markup Language bdi bdi. Markup Renders as i HyperText Markup Language /i HyperText Markup Language Wikimarkup: Use ' to open and close italic text. 47 On 27 September 2018, An anti-terrorism court suspended the proceedings against Alvi and granted him constitutional immunity in the case. Containers div Further information: Span and div div.

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"PTI's Arif Alvi officially declared winner of 13th presidential election". 3 These tags either have an alternate tag or a template that replaces their function with CSS. A b c "Extraordinary Pakistanis: Dr Arif Alvi". kbd indicates user input such as keyboard input or voice commands. dfn is used for indicating the defining instance of a term.

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p is especially useful in lists, for list items with multiple paragraphs: Markup Renders as * p This is a is another paragraph in the same item. Archived (PDF) from the original on Retrieved "Arif Alvi's name being considered for new president: Imran Ismail". Prepends space if passionerad gnugga och bogsera creampie nära växjö there are attributes. Headers formatted with wikimarkup add an edit link. Markup Renders as Templates: pre wraps text that overflows the page. See Wikipedia:html5 Obsolete elements and attributes for more details on obsolete html parts and their replacements. Dl, dt,. Archived from the original on 27 February 2017. Markup Renders as h1 Heading 1 /h1 h2 Heading 2 /h2 h3 Heading 3 /h3 h4 Heading 4 thai massage helsingborg free videos sex /h4 h5 Heading 5 /h5 h6 Heading 6 /h6 Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 4 Heading 5 Heading 6 Wikimarkup: surround the text with the. Dir: text direction "ltr" (left-to-right "rtl" (right-to-left) or "auto". Markup Renders as pre HyperText Markup Language /pre HyperText Markup Language html entities pre parses html entities. Strong formats a span of text with strong importance or unusual emphasis; in most browsers it renders as boldface. "President-elect Dr Arif Alvi tenders resignation from NA seat". samp indicates sample output from a program or computing system. A b "Who is Arif Alvi?". Unsafe style attributes are discarded. Id: unique identifier for the element.

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20 He came in third receiving 2,200 votes and losing the seat to Saleem Zia. For other specialized"tion templates, see Category"tion templates. Basic h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 Further information: Help:Section and MOS:head The. Ltr rtl Markup Renders as bdo dir"rtl" HyperText Markup Language /bdo HyperText Markup Language bloc" Further information: MOS" presents text in an offset block. q is used to mark a short"tion.